New Hitman On the Way!

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Action, Games, News, PS3, XBox 360
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Just a quick update; a new game in the Hitman series has been revealed, say hello to Hitman Absolution. It’s been a while since Hitman Blood Money, and it’s about time Agent 47 made a return, and in nice shiny HD. All that has been released so far is a teaser trailer (seen below) which shows pretty much nothing. But still, I just about exploded (you know what I mean, boys) when I heard about it.

So enjoy the trailer below, start your speculation about what that snake means, and count down the days to E3 because you just know we’ll get some info then.

P.S. The wonderful Henry Gilbert over at Gamesradar has found the barcode featured in the trailer is a bit more lewd than you thought. Turns out that scanning the barcode on, say, an iPhone takes you to an Amazon page for a… Well, go to Gamesradar to find out… Then come back here. They’re no good anyway…


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